StoreFront Window Cleaning®

StoreFronts that will leave a lasting impression. The windows of your business needs to be cleaned more often than those of your home or condo as there is much more foot traffic, pollution from automobiles and people touching them and leaving finger prints. We offer very flexible payment and plans that will keep your windows sparkling clean and welcoming for your customers.

Retail Store Window Cleaning

Store front windows are usually in retail stores or strip centers. We understand the importance of a first impression and how critical it is to getting foot traffic to enter your store in a strip center, retail mall, or department store. We pledge to do the absolute best job every single time we clean your storefront windows. How do we do it without streaks? It takes state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a thoroughly trained technician with a critical eye to accomplish it. We make it look easy, but it’s not. This service to retail stores is worth its weight in gold, because the amount of time it takes an untrained employee to do it with dismal results will be frustrating. We want you doing what you do best, and not ever having to worry about the image you portray to the public. Windows are the first thing the customer experiences when they enter your establishment. We will solve this issue by making you look your best.

Showroom Window Cleaning

Department stores, retail stores, auto dealerships, and the like all have areas where there are products on display usually behind a glass wall. We will clean your display glass and make it sparkle. There is no second chance at a first impression. Let Diamond Window Cleaning clean your windows and give you the best possible first impression to your potential customers. Also, don’t forget your mirrors. We will do those too.

Restaurant Window Cleaning

What does the customer think if your windows are smeared with grease or consistently dirty? He or she is wondering what the kitchen looks like. This is not a healthy scenario, and the professional restaurants never let this happen. They always look for a professional window cleaner! The challenge is…where do they find them? It is not easy because there is not very many good ones out there. Well, you have found your solution right here. When restaurant windows are properly maintained, people subconsciously and consciously like the experience. Don’t every let dirty windows keep your customers away. Our regimented frequency schedules keeps this task on auto pilot forever. No need to call us up…we show up automatically. What a solution!!

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