Residential Window Cleaning

We specialize in window cleaning interior and exterior windows using the art of the squeegee. Your windows are hand cleaned with all focus on providing the highest quality service and safety. Exterior windows can be reached by ladders We take extreme care with interior window cleaning, no spill or drips. Mirrors and skylights need to be cleaned? No problem, we can do those too. Most importantly, we respect your property, leaving the job with windows that shine.

We safely clean the interior and/or exterior of your windows without leaving streaks, smudges or drips. The frames, sills, and screens (if present) will also receive a general wipe down to remove dust and cobwebs. We wash your screens and windows by hand with soap and water. We never dust your screens, but instead we truly get them clean with soap & water. No cutting corners for us!

Before we arrive please remove all items from window sills and ledges, such as:

- Picture frames
- Sun catchers
Ÿ- Any decorative items that may obstruct access to the windows
Ÿ- Bay Windows need to be cleared of all items in and around the window area

As well as please move all furniture that may obstruct access to windows and sliding doors such as:

- Couches
- Beds
- Book Cases
- Art & decorative objects

*If you are not able to move these items due to health reasons we will be happy to assist you.

We hope these helpful tips have prepared you well for your appointment. If you still have questions just give us a ring and we'll be happy to help. Thank you for choosing Everclear Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing for your window needs. Check out our other services and helpful tips.

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