Hard Water Stain Removal Cleaning Service®

What is a hard water stain?

Hard water stains occur from a variety of causes but the basic end result is mineral build-up stuck to your windows. Even though this build-up can usually be removed it is considered a stain because a standard window cleaning will not remove it. A lot of people are familiar with mineral stains on their glass shower doors. This is an example of a hard water stain. However, from our experience, many of our customers are surprised when we show them hard water stains on their windows. It seems that hard water stain is often thought to be dirt. As you can imagine there is some disappointment when we clean the window and expose the stain. I know we are always disappointed because we want nothing less than a perfectly clean and shiny window. As it is, we are left with a clean window with a drippy haze on it.

So how do the windows get a “hard water stain”? Sometimes, rainwater running down the brick or concrete façade of your house will deposit lime from the mortar on your glass. Over time this lime becomes visible as a haze or like drippy water. Other times the overspray from your irrigation will do the same thing. The good news is that in most cases we can remove it. We keep hard water stain remover chemicals on our trucks that will remove this stain. If you are interested we would be happy to provide an estimate for this service.

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